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Kosmetikpinsel – Display | 4855K


  • This elegant selling furniture contains on two presentation areas a competent assortment of our CLASSIC, CLASSIC LUXE, SATIN and STYLE lines, needing very little space - the diameter is only 40 cm.
  • 2 presentation area – 41 product places
  • All da Vinci brushes are delivered in an appealing sales packaging including product information
  • The displays are of modular conception, allowing an individual assortment arrangement


Product seriessizeQuantityhair
Eyelash-/ Eyebrow brush36274synthetic fibres
Eyelash brush36744
Applicator with 6 changeable heads37344Applikator
Travel lip brush394254Russian red sable hair
Detail-Definer41144Russian red sable hair
Blender / Eyeshadow brush41274extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Blender small, round41574extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Blending brush long, round41674extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Blending brush long, round41964squirrel hair
Blender small, round41974extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Blending brush angled-oval42744squirrel hair
Eyebrow brush/Liner43274synthetic fibres
Eyebrow brush angled435484strong synthetic fibres
Gel-Eyeliner45044fine synthetic fibres
Eyeliner45274synthetic fibres
Mineral-Concealer/Blender45444extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Concealer brush45544special synthetic fibre mixture
Cleaning soap for make-up brushes48344
Professional Brush Shampoo48356
Blush brush round902274
Blusher brush oval912444extra fine, dark brown mountain goat hair
Concealer brush927124synthetic fibres
Foundation brush927204synthetic fibres
Lip brush92744synthetic fibres
Powder brush round942274
Powder brush round942444extra fine, dark brown mountain goat hair
Powder brush pointed94244extra fine, dark brown mountain goat hair
Stippling brush94543special synthetic fibre mixture
RONDO Foundation- and Powder brush94654special synthetic fibre mixture
Powder brush large94743extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Powder brush oval952444extra fine, dark brown mountain goat hair
Foundation brush round962274extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Lip brush96464Russian red sable hair
Eyeshadow brush96484Russian red sable hair
Foundation brush965224extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Concealer brush968124extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
KABUKI Powder brush in a metal travel box97002smooth synthetic fibres in “cappuccino-colour”
Blusher brush angled972274extra smooth „crimped“ synthetic fibres
Blusher/ contour brush large, angled972444extra fine, dark brown mountain goat hair
Brush for foundation and creamy blush angled97704smooth synthetic fibres in “cappuccino-colour”
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