Cosmetic brush - Cleaning and care

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Cleaning soap with reconditioning effect

Your cosmetic brush feels hurt especially to remains in the hair body!.

Remaining cosmetics get hard, take away the suppleness and make the hair break.

For regular maintenance i.e. washing out all make-up residues, we recommend our especially developed cleaning soap which is based on pure vegetable oils with reconditioning effect.

Cared for in this way the brush hair will retain its elasticity and remains robust and smooth for a long time.

Suitable for

Natural hair or synthetic fibre brushes

How do I treat my cosmetic brushes?

  1. Daily make-up use affects not only the hair tips, but also the whole of the brush, as the cosmetic product penetrates the brush body.

    Therefore our advice:
    wash out the brush every 2-3 weeks thoroughly and reshape it to its original form.

    IMPORTANT: Use a reconditioning shampoo, or better Cleaning soap - 4833 or 4834.

  2. Using the brush roughly can also lead to damage i.e. being too forceful when uptaking or applying make-up.

  3. Therefore our advice:
    Apply the make-up products with the brush with smoothing or circling strokes and moves.


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