Natural hair or Synthetic fibre: Which to choose and why?

This question cannot be answered easily.

The basic difference is the different texture of the hair. Natural hair has a coarse, flaked texture, while Synthetic Fibre is mostly even. Depending on the Make-up product both have their Pros and Cons.

On the following pages we give an overview which hair respectively fibre works best with different make-up products.


  • great product absorbance
  • easy to use
  • even performance


  • very robust and easy to clean
  • always keeping their shape
  • ideal for people with allergies against Natural hair

Which hair are the brushes made from?

According to the application purpose, we use above all red sable, black sable, pony or goat hair. The most valuable fine hairs like red sable are carefully prepared under our own control in Germany, based on our rich experiences we have had over generations and in strict consideration of the German Hygiene and Production Regulations. This distinguishes brushes clearly from many import products coming from countries where the workers often do not enjoy the advantages of a modern, healthy working place. Also important to know: The animals are not bred for this purpose.

Why and how often should you clean your cosmetic brush?
Should you clean it already before you use it for the first time?

It is not necessary to clean it before you use it for the first time.

Your cosmetic brush reacts sourly to remains in the hair body! Remaining cosmetics get hard,take away the suppleness and make the hair break. Therefore our advice:
Wash out the brush regularly. We recommend a special soap 4834 or 4833 which has been developed especially for our house .

This small effort pays off not only with a long “brush life”, but also the hair will keep
its natural elasticity and suppleness
again and again.