Shaving brush - Cleaning and care

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Your badger-hair shaving brush should look just like a blossoming flower whilst hanging to dry until the next morning.

HOW do badger-hair brushes lose hair and WHY?

It isn’t only the hair tips which take up foam when soaping, as the foam can spread through the whole brush head. It is therefore recommended, AFTER SHAVING, to clean the brush thoroughly under running water. Use a generous amount of water to ensure that the inside of the brush is completely rinsed out.

WHY: badger and other animal hair have the same basic hair structure as our human hair. Shaving soaps and creams are made from conditioning agents, such as chamomile or aloe vera, which are used to soften the facial hair and have therefore the same effect on the brush hair. They also attack the hair’s protective layer. If the shaving brush is NOT thoroughly washed out after use, the brush hair will start to deteriorate.

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How do I treat my shaving brush right?

  1. After a thorough rinse under running water, flick the brush using sharp, quick hand movements to remove any excess water from the body of the brush. A light wiping is also advisable. Finally hang the brush upside down and leave to dry.

  2. Additionally, clean the brush at least once a week with a reconditioning soap (e.g. a curd soap). Cared for in this way the badger hair will retain its special elasticity and will remain robust and smooth for years to come.

    Therefore our advice:
    Wash out the brush every 2-3 weeks thoroughly and reshape it to its original form.

    MPORTANT: Use a reconditioning shampoo, or better Cleaning soap - 4833 or 4834.